Fresh Creek, Andros, Bahamas

Bleeding Tooth Nerite Spend delightful days in the clear, cool waters of the Bahamas. You can walk the beach, wade in shallow water, and snorkel as shallow or deep as you like. Andros is famous for Helmet shells and many other delightful species.

Date: April 17-20, 2015 Partridge Tun
For: Snorkelers and beachcombers
Cost: $1700
  • Air fare from Ft Lauderdale
  • Accommodations (d/o.)
  • Land and boat transportation
  • guide.
  • Not included: Meals, bar,
    departure tax.
  • Deposit:
  • $800 with reservation
  • balance due six weeks before trip.
  • Passport required.
  • Reservation Form
  • More about Andros

    If you want night life and bright lights, forget this trip! Just a relaxing time in sun and clear water to be had here. There's only one souvenir store nearby - at the Androsia factory, which makes silk-screen clothing. In your spare time you might walk the nearby beach or borrow a bicycle to cross the single-lane bridge. Accommodations are basic but pleasant.

    A happy sheller We'll visit beaches by truck and the offshore islands by boat to snorkel or wade for helmet shells, West Indian Chanks, and many other species. We've never failed to find helmets here, often all three Caribbean varieties. We've even found Triton Trumpet shells and the tiny volute, Enaeta cylleniformis.

    Ready to go? Fill out the reservation form and send a deposit. I will send a list of items to bring about 6 weeks before the trip. You will need a passport.